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         Terms of Service  

Pirates for Parties does not offer the services of any character that is a trademark of any other company. Any similarity is not intended to imply that we offer any trademarked character for any service. By utilizing the services of Pirates for parties or its assigns the Buyer agrees and attests that no other company's trademarked characters are offered or provided or being requested. Buyer therefore fully understands that they are not seeking or purchasing the services of any registered trademarked character from Pirates for Parties or any contractors, employees, agents or assigns.

Pirates for Parties sells its service by bookings over the telephone without a signed contract and also with a signed contract. Any booking of $1000.00 or more will require our contract signed by both parties. All telephone bookings are considered legally binding sales of our service according to the following terms.

A telephone booking is considered confirmed and binding only at the time we take your order over the telephone for the agreed upon service and price, and then you provide the event location address, contact name and telephone number and the date and time for the event. This information is then entered into our scheduling calender at that time. We don't consider an event confirmed and binding until we have spoken to you on the telephone and you agree to the service and terms, and only then do we get the event address, and we enter the address and rest of the information physically into our event calender blocking your specific time and date.

A verbal contract telephone booking may be cancelled and the deposit will be refunded if the Buyer calls 714-974-0878 and confirms the cancellation during normal business hours at least six days before the date of the event. Confrimed bookings which are cancelled within five days of the event are subject to a cancellation fee of 20% of the cost of the whole booking and 50% if the cancellation is made within 48 hours of the day of the scheduled event. If a customer fails to cancel a booking and the entertainer appears at an event which was cancelled without notice, the customer is liable for the full amount of the booking, and agrees to pay this amount on demand.

Deposits made online must be made within 48 hours of the time the telephone booking was made. Balance payments to be made Online are due 24 hours prior to the time the services are scheduled to begin. The balance due may also be paid in cash to the entertainer at the conclusion of the services provided at the event location.

Any Returned checks are subject to a return fee of three times the amount of the check. The Buyer or check issuer agrees to these terms and to pay upon demand this amount in such an event.

Shade must be provided for parrots or other exotic animals. A clear solid access path 33" wide minimum must be provided to the staging area for parrots or animals.

The customer indemnifys and holds harmless Pirates for Parties and its assigns from any claim or lawsuit or cause of action for any reason related to the actions or inaction of any agents or owners of Pirates For Parties, and agrees to supervize children that are in the presense of the parrots and holding the parrots and also when holding any kind of sword. The customer shall provide adequate security at the location to prevent access to the event by unauthorized persons and any type of theft of pilferage. The customer shall be financially liable for any losses caused as a direct result of theft or pilferage that would occur to Pirates For Parties, and its assigns at the event.

Pirates for Parties reserves the right to make substitutions of a comparable service if changes are required due to acts of force majuer which affect the operations of Pirates for Parties.

Secure Parking must be provided off the street if the area is a high traffic area or on the street if a low traffic suburb area adjacent to the location.

The Superior Court of Orange County, California shall have jurisdiction over the terms of this Agreement and any disputes, complaints, suits, causes of action or mediation any kind regarding and pertaining to Pirates for Parties and its assigns.

Buyers and persons or entities making bookings by telephone are buying a service by  verbally reserving the service and then providing the event address for the service to be performed and they represent that they have read these terms and agree to be bound by these terms.